Foto Mahasiswi Wanita Telanjang Bugil di Kampus UK Petra Diduga Korban Pemerkosaan

Apr 30, 2012

A naked woman in front of the Campus UK Petra, Siwalankerto region, Surabaya, was caught in camera. Smooth white-skinned woman who alleged that a female student to bare his motive was unclear.

Call a shocking nude photos circulated via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Tuesday (03/08/2011). The woman photographer to capture the scene through the car window.

There are two outstanding photo. A tall woman who was impressed about to go to college, but was intercepted by security personnel.

The former security guard confronted the woman who turned the camera and the background of Petra campus looks. In fact the attack was also witnessed by elementary school children who were passing by.

In the second photo, the woman's naked herded out of the campus. So that part-sorry-looking genitals anyone who was passing in front of the campus. Rape victims reported. Really?.

Who is actually female nude in front of the Campus Petra is still mysterious. But after a picture circulated, a message appears stating that female college student who managed to escape from attempted rape.

Short messages that circulated among the alumni of the campus which is located in the region Siwalankerto. It is unclear who the source of the sender. "I can from my friend, what was the incident?" Said an alumnus who contacted, Tuesday (08/03/2011).

This is the message he circulated a chain:

"To All Alumni UKP pray for her .. A student who was raped while fleeing assailant off guard .. He ran to the guard uk petra to report the incident which happened to her without realizing she was still in a state of naked .. Moga cepet ketangkep rapist! Ati2 UKP, ga safe galz, co2, jagain mutual friend ce.nya ya .. Gbuu "

While the PR UK Petra, Maya Dyah Puspitasari, unconfirmed release of the photos and messages related to the chain. Cell phone when contacted did not get a response, Wib 19:30 o'clock.

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